Advance purchase is recommended, and trips can sell out. To maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer, please buy your tickets well in advance. Tickets can only be purchased with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Advance purchases and reservations are held up until 30 minutes prior to departure. Arrival after 30 minutes to departure can result in loss of reservations and forfeiture of advance purchase tickets. Ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.

We sail rain or shine. In the event of extreme weather (such as a hurricane) that would force us to cancel the trip, you would be able to reschedule your tickets (subject to availability) or receive credit for a future trip. In all other weather conditions, we will run trips as scheduled!

Of course! Children of all ages are allowed on our cruises. Children ages 7 to 12 have a reduced priced ticket, and children 6 years of age and under are free with an accompanying adult (one free child per adult). Keep in mind that strollers are only permitted on the main deck.

The boat is extremely stable and should not pose any problem for pregnant women. In fact, we have had many pregnant women cruise with us in the past without incident! If you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy, we usually suggest checking with your doctor prior to sailing just to be safe.

Yes! You must have at least 25 people in your party to qualify for a group discount (no matter what age). The discount will be applied automatically when you purchase the tickets. Special private group charter pricing is available for this trip as well. Click on the “Contact this seller” link to find out more about private charters.

Unfortunately, we do not have waiting lists for our trips. If the date and time you want is sold out, please choose another date and time from the schedule for this activity.

For all of our trips, arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before departure. 60 minutes is preferred. Allow for traffic when traveling a distance during peak times. The ship departs promptly at the scheduled start time!



If marine mammals, including dolphins OR whales OR porpoises, are not sighted during your trip, you will receive a free pass for another trip! The pass does not expire and can be used on any of our regularly scheduled marine mammal cruises. The guarantee does not entitle the ticket holder to a refund. No, we do not guarantee only whales.

In Cape May we see whales every month of the year, although we run our trips from March to December. There is no peak or best time of the year to see whales. The Delaware Bay is a large fishery and is rich in marine life, so whales come and go at will to feed. The whales we see are largely not ‘migrating’ – they are often immature (sub-adults) or adults not on a migratory pattern. The species we see are primarily Humpback and Finback with the occasional Minke.

Whales and dolphins are both marine mammals and must surface to breathe air, so they can be seen all day long. Our trip schedule primarily focuses on the middle part of the day that provides the best conditions for spotting whales.

We obey the North East Whale Watching Guidelines as set forth by the National Marine Fisheries and NOAA. We are a member of Whale SENSE, a voluntary program for whale watching companies’ committed to the highest level of safety for Marine Mammal & Whale Watching. We never get closer than 100 feet for no longer than 15 minutes. However, there have been rare cases when at a full stop with all engines shut off, Humpbacks have come so close that they were almost touching the boat – merely feet away!

If you don’t see a marine mammal (whale, dolphin OR porpoise), then you will receive a Free Pass to come back for any of our regularly scheduled marine mammal watching cruises.

The whale and dolphin watch typically begins with dolphin watching near shore. Then we head offshore in search of Humpback and Finback whales. These journeys can lead us offshore anywhere from 5 to 20 miles.



We will be going out on the Cape May Whale Watcher, the largest, fastest, cleanest, and most comfortable boat in New Jersey that provides whale and dolphin watching. The boat is 110 feet long and can carry up to 405 passengers, with upper deck seating for 220 passengers, and 360-degree views! It features a climate controlled main salon, over 350 feet of viewing rail space, and a full snack bar.

The Cape May Whale Watcher is the largest and fastest Dolphin and Whale Watching boat in NJ. Her Coast Guard Document states her waterline length at 85 Feet in length, whereas in comparison to other boats, USCG Documents state their length at 80 Feet or less. That’s a difference of 5 feet in length on the waterline. Her overall length of 110 feet in length far surpasses all other vessels in similar businesses. Her beam of 28 feet is larger than all our competitors. Due to this extra length and beam combined, she is the best riding sea boat in the industry, on the east coast. She is specifically designed to go through any weather conditions. In addition to size, she is fast and economical. She can go over 22 Knots if she has to, and she can achieve this with her small 700 HP engines, carrying over 200 people. This is why we nicknamed the Cape May Whale Watcher, Super Boat. She is specifically designed for sightseeing and marine mammal watching from day one. In fact, unlike other boats in the area, she is not a dual purpose fishing boat and sightseer. The Cape May Whale Watcher is not a fishing boat. Also, unlike other boats in the area, she is certified to carry up to 405 passengers, instead of only 149. This makes a huge difference in the availability of tickets, space on board the boat for you and your family or group, etc. Space is important when it comes to your comfort. There is nothing more comfortable than Cape May Whale Watcher in New Jersey for Dolphin and Whale Watching and Sightseeing and cruising the Atlantic Ocean.

The Cape May Whale Watcher is the largest ship in New Jersey that provides whale and dolphin watching. It is extremely stable which means it moves as little as possible. However, it is still afloat and will move depending on the weather conditions and state of the sea. All boats and ships move, from small dinghies to cruise ships. We do, however, have the lowest percentage of seasickness of any boat on the East Coast! If you are particularly prone to motion sickness, consider taking preventative measures beforehand. Seasickness medications such as Dramamine and Bonine are available at our gift shop and cost around $5.

Yes, there are separate men’s and women’s restrooms on board, both upstairs and on the main deck. We also have restrooms at the Marina.

Yes. The boat boasts expanded undercover seating for over 150 passengers and an enclosed climate controlled main salon with large windows for viewing in any weather.

No – it is a state law in New Jersey that smoking is banned in public spaces.

Yes, the boat is US Coast Guard certified and features state of the art electronics and safety features.

The boat is wheelchair friendly. Our ramp has been accessed by passengers in wheelchairs since day one of our opening and to date has carried over 10,000 passengers in wheelchairs. The entire lower deck is accessible – open air, cabin, or partially enclosed areas with excellent views from all locations. Our doors do not have sills for easy entry to the Air-Conditioned cabin. The restrooms are not wheelchair accessible, but you should be able to access them with some assistance. If you have further questions to see if you can be accommodated, please click on the “Contact this seller” link and explain your situation!

The Cape May Whale Watcher is United States Coast Guard certified and inspected on an annual basis. We have more than enough life jackets aboard at all times for both adults and children. All life jackets are inspected and stowed by the Coast Guard annually. They are aboard in case of an emergency and are designed to withstand the rigors of extreme emergency situations. Life jackets are not required to be worn by passengers aboard our vessel during our trips. The railings aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher are some of the highest in the industry and are extremely safe.

The Cape May Whale Watcher is a large vessel – the largest in the state. There is more than enough space for a small bag or light jacket. Keep in mind that all belongings are subject to inspection. Please also remember it is still a boat and has limited space like any other, so larger items such as luggage would be better off stowed in your car for the duration of the trip.

Yes, there is free parking available at the marina.



Yes. However, no alcoholic beverages or coolers or large bags are permitted aboard the ship. All bags and personal belongings are subject to search.

There will be hot and cold beverages available, including cold soda, bottled water, draft beer, wine by the glass, mixed drinks, signature cocktails, frozen drinks, hot chocolate, tea, and coffee. Food items include hot dogs, pizza, candy, ice cream, and other snacks. Cash and major credit cards are accepted at the snack bar.

It depends on the size of your family or group. Prices at the snack bar are higher than at a convenience store but lower than a movie theater, concert or sporting event (around $10-20 per person should suffice). Binoculars are $3-$5 to rent.

Yes, there will be hats, postcards, t-shirts, and sweatshirts available for purchase at the Gift Shop. Prices range from $5-50 (e.g. a sweatshirt goes for $39.95).

All crew members aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher are compensated for their ability and loyalty. We do not request or require our crew to be tipped. Tipping is permitted, but not encouraged.

No, coolers and ice chests are not allowed on board.



If you have a gift certificate or a season pass and would like to book a trip, please click on the “Contact this seller” link and let us know when you’d like to attend.

Yes, private charters are available for large groups 30 persons or more. Charters are available for up to 680 passengers and are great for any special occasion! If you’re interested in a private charter, please click on the “Contact this seller” link to let us know what you’re interested in.

Yes, gift certificates are available either for the 2-hour dolphin watching, 3-hour dolphin and whale watching, or a season pass to go on any marine mammal trip all year. Gift Cards are also available if you want the recipient to be able to choose a cruise of his or her choice. Please click on the “Contact this seller” link and let us know what you’re interested in getting.