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Whale Watching at it's Finest

"I have been planning this trip for a year. Last November, I contacted Capt Jeff and asked if it was too late for the trip. He said, that late in the year they play it by ear, depending on the weather. Since I wanted to take a group I decided to wait for this fall. I investigate all of my trips before I go, and in doing so for this, I found that Cape May Whale Watcher had the best reviews. We were not disappointed. The ship was immaculate, including the bathrooms, the crew could not have been nicer, and to purchase food and drinks onboard were not outragestly priced. We were out for 3 & 1/2 hours, spotting both dolphins and whales. The weather was great and we could not have had a better time. Plenty of parking and I would suggest for children over 10. (if theres no sightings it could be a boring trip for the kids) The sightings were great, but for us, a great day on the water with food and drink."

October 2014 BillC49

Definitely will try again

"My husband and I were down on a short weekend for our anniversary and decided to give it a try. We went out on their smaller boat. There were about 40-50 people. It was a very choppy day. The ship was comfortable and had rest room facilities as well as a snack bar. The crew was very nice and the Captain was great. Unfortunately, try as he might, the Captain wasn't able to find anything but a few dolphins. To our surprise, he came on the speaker and let us know we would all be receiving free passes that did not expire (ever!) to come again. It's a hit or miss thing and I guess we just missed it. No fault to the Cape May Whale Watcher and we will look forward to another cruise."

October 2014 Nancy S

A worthwhile and FUN experience

"This was a very pleasant cruise on a comfortable ship with good facilities and services. They had free coffee and donuts and other items for purchase. We had a great trip and saw plenty of dolphins. The captain really made sure we could spot them and spent time in the area where they were. The commentary was informative and the whole experience was enjoyable, I would say for all ages. Everyone was pleasant and made us feel very welcomed. This should be a must do in Cape May. The Marina is easy to find,close by with lots of parking , a gift shop on premise and a nice restaurant across the street at the Marina."

September 2014 waywardpalm


"We go on this every year. We love the complimentary pizza & hot dogs for the sunset cruise---its our meal that night!!!! We love their guarantee about the sightings, we've had a couple free trips as a result of that! Although, most of the time the dolphins are quite showy, lol. The crew is extremely nice and very knowledgeable about the whole area and the marine life, they tell sooooo many historic facts! It's so interesting. And just the boat ride is very relaxing and quite beautiful. That's why we keep going back for it! Its something we always look forward to!"

September 2014 jaris16

excellent time

"We went on the Lighthouse tour. We loved it, even if it rained a little. We did stop to see a school of dolphins. The captain of the ship had a lot of information to all the lighthouses and the dolphins. He pointed out the babies."

September 2014 danitakinna

They do find the animals

"The dolphins were easy to find as they stay in the same general area. A whale is much harder as they travel much more. Still, the extremely informative captain knew where to go. A passenger sighted the whale. The captain stayed with the whale long past time to return. Even though we were 1/2 hour late, no one minded. This was our first time whale watching. Now I know why people go. This will not be the last time, either. The only complaint was the pizza was not very warm, but the beer was cold."

September 2014 cflum

Experienced Guides and Clean Ship

"I highly recommend the Cape May Whale Watcher. Be sure to book the one in the Miss Chris Marina because there is another attraction with a similar name and not as good. The Cape May Whale Watcher cruise is on a very clean and comfortable ship, staffed with a knowledgable and friendly crew. We saw many dolphins during the entire trip and heard a lot of interesting stories about Cape May and local marine life. A highlight was that the ship's Captain expertly positioned the ship to maximize dolphin viewing once a group was spotted. We were able to take great pictures throughout the trip. The price is fair and the new gift shop you can visit on the Marina after the cruise is modern and stocked with souvenirs at all price points. Children can leave with affordable treasures and there is a huge variety of high quality t-shirts and sweatshirts to remember the experience. Finally, there is free parking just across the street in a protected lot. Make sure you add the Miss Chris Marina dolphin watch to your vacation plans in Cape May."

August 2014 JudyD233

One Fine Day with dolphins

"It's a good family outing for your children. The captain is well-knowledgeable and informative. You will enjoy 3 hours dolphins tour but we don't see any whales.
Please prepare the medicine or plastic bag if you have "seasick".

August 2014 DestinyTraveler

Captain Goes the Extra Mile

"What impressed me the most is that the captain stayed out extra time so we could enjoy the whale. We got back to the dock later because the big ole whale decided to entertain! We also saw many, many dolphins. The weather was perfect, too! All these luck of the draw items made for a fabulous 3 hour tour!"

August 2014 PattiBF

Spectacular Day on the water

"A whole lot of sunshine, the salt air and wind on my face, and the open ocean. Plus a kazillion dolphins and a showoff humpback. At least 5 breaches (tail shots) and a rare spy hop. 

This is our second time out with The Cape May Whale Watcher team The captain and crew were so knowledgeable and friendly....There is simply no such thing as a bad trip."

September 2014 Lori E

Great Sunset Cruise

"This was our first time on the Cape May Whale Watcher. The staff were all very friendly and the views were beautiful. We have been on many other Dolphin cruises and we always saw dolphins. This year we did not see any dolphins! The great thing about the Cape May Whale Watcher is that they guarantee sightings, and if you don’t the next cruise if free AND it doesn’t expire! Can’t beat that deal!"

September 2014 YankeeFan42

Great Day at your place

"we are went to the cruise 3 hours to see the dolphins and whales, and there was full, we will go back every year warranty, thank you to all the team for your hospitality and next summer, from Québec, merci."

September 2014 Sylvain B

Awesome Again

"I have taken all three boats and have to say this is the most experienced Capt and nicest crew....Whale sighting every 3HR trip"

September 2014 Goldmen

September 2, 2014

"What an amazing 3 hour trip that went well over 3 hours. Great boat, amazing ride, dozens of dolphins and then the whale. So much information about cape may and the sea life. We were so pleasantly surprised when it was over. I cannot wait to go out again and again now. I will recommend it to anyone who asks and anyone who doesn't ask. Lol"

September 2014 twan60

Excellent Trip

"My husband, myself and four kids went on the afternoon whale watching trip on Sept. 4th. We had a wonderful time. We saw so many dolphins, a bald eagle and yes, a whale. It was a great experince, the captain was very informative and entertaining throughout the entire voyage.

The whole crew was very nice and polite. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone visiting cape may and plan on going again next year."</span

September 2013 barbara f

We saw a humpback!

"Went with a family of four with a groupn 85.00 total. The boat was very nice. The captain was good and spoke well. The staff was very friendly. We saw a humpback whale and several dolphins. It was a fun day!"

August 2013 robarms

10am Dolphin Watch

"We go on a different dolphin watch every year and this was the first year we have tried this one. We really enjoyed it! The complementary coffee, juice and danishes was a nice touch. :) The parking lot (which can be a nightmare on some tours) was very well organized and well staffed to help traffic flow. The ride was on time and the tour guide was very helpful and informative. The restroom facilities (which are important with young children) were so much nicer than a lot of the other watch boats. All in all, we will definitely be going out on this tour again next year!"

August 2013 LauraPapp

Loved our trip

"This was an awesome cruise. We went on the 1pm tour for 3 hours and saw many dolphins playing in the ocean. Wish we would have seen a whale but the captains and crew were very knowledgeable and funny! Considering taking a day trip just to take this cruise again!"

August 2013 Stephanie D

Don't miss out on this!

"This year we took the 6:30 sunset dolphin watching cruise and it was simply amazing! Dolphins were everywhere and some were even leaping out of the water! The crew was fantastic and the captain made the trip very interesting by sharing so many interesting facts about dolphins. You can tell that he is not only knowledgeable about the dolphins, but he truly cares about them. The sunset was spectacular and we got wonderful photos! Included in the price was pizza and hot dogs. There was also a cash bar and you could rent binoculars for 3 dollars. Kids ages 6 and under are free with a paying adult! Altogether, this was an extremely enjoyable cruise which we hope to take again in the future! This is the boat to take- definitely include this in your plans!"

August 2013 gmomNewYork

Wonderful, relaxing and educational!

"We had a great day on the Spirit of Cape May, sister ship to the Cape May Whale Watcher. Loads of dolphins and scenic sights. Captain Jeff, Jr. has a wonderful voice which made it an even more pleasant experience. (he's not bad on the eyes either ladies.) ;) We were on the 1:00-4:00 Cruise. It was cloudy with a chance of rain so they smartly chose the Spirit which is covered over for us. We hope to take in the Lighthouse tour next. Sounds lovely for couples.

Cape May is lovely and was untouched by Superstorm Sandy. Get your trip in before the season ends!"

August 2013 Ida Joy Z

Great trip but no dolphins :(

"Enjoyed the 3 hour dolphin/whale cruise one afternoon last week. Great trip, loved the ride. Great/informative captain and crew. Learned a lot about the town/history of Cape May! Ride was a little wet which we were not expecting so be prepared. Food/snacks/beverages available for purchase. Even though we did not see any animals we were given a pass to return for another visit. Can't wait to go again!"

August 2013 susankle


"Unfortunately we didn't see any whales but dolphins everywhere ! Top notch boat & crew , would definitely recommend."

July 2013 Loveswimming

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