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Echolocation, Can You Hear Me Now?
7th Jul, 18 • 0 Comments

Echolocation, Can You Hear Me Now?

By: Shelby Schmeltzle, Education Program Coordinator

NOAA (2017)

Sound in Water

A sound is defined as vibrations that travel through air, water, or another medium that can be heard when they reach an ear of a person...

Talkin' Trash
17th May, 18 • 0 Comments

Talkin’ Trash

By: Shelby Schmetlzle, Education Program Coordinator

Cape May Whale Watcher

Marine Debris, what is it?

The ocean, one of the most vast and unique environments here on planet Earth. Our oceans cover about 70% of the entire planet, which has allowed...

2018 Cape May Updates
1st Jan, 18 • 0 Comments

It is the dawn of a new year and we could not be more excited with what we have in store for 2018!

2017 sightings showed a slight decrease in the...

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