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Types of Whales
27th Jan, 17 • 0 Comments

Around the world, there are 90 species of whales, scientifically known as cetaceans. From the largest whale to the unicorn of the sea, each has distinctive features.

Whales are classified into two different whale family subsets, baleen whales and toothed whales.

Baleen Whales

These types of whales, scientifically known as mysticeti, are sometimes...

A Brief History of the Cape May Lighthouses
10th Jan, 17 • 0 Comments

Cape May, New Jersey is one of the country’s oldest vacation destinations. As the entire city is a designated historic district, the area has plenty of historical sights.

On the Cape May Grand Lighthouse Tour, you will get a chance to see some...

Whale Watching Gift Certificates: The Perfect Holiday Gift
23rd Nov, 16 • 0 Comments

Each year, you sit down and write a list of what gifts to give each of your family members and friends. Or you realize it’s just one week from the big gift exchange and you suddenly need to buy a...

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